Our Company


We do not consider ourselves placement agents. We are a fixture in our clients’ organizations and are akin to a company’s dedicated in-house investor relations department. We take an active role in our clients’ commercial future and are highly selective and engaged in the firms with whom we decide to work. We seek best-in-class investment firms with a global edge and an institutional appeal.

Our team fully integrates into your business in order to mirror the roles and responsibilities of a firm’s in-house team. Unlike a traditional placement agent, our team takes a more detailed and surgical approach to building out an investment company’s investor relations department replicating that of long-standing global institutions, while also tailoring the approach to meet an investment firm’s distinct and long-term needs.

Our team brings together combined decades of experience and a deep understanding of the mindset of family offices and institutional investors worldwide. Our shared backgrounds stem from considerable experience working on both the limited partner and fund manager side of transactions. Thus lending itself to a 360° perspective of what is required to grow an investment management firm today.

As the pioneer in investment manager-focused outsourced investor relations, our senior team has spent their careers reviewing countless managers across six continents throughout hedge fund, private equity, venture capital, private credit and real estate and the more esoteric and niche fund strategies.

Our firm is best suited for those companies seeking a long-term solution to fundraising and investor relations management that offers a white-glove experience for their firm’s current and prospective clients. Given the meticulous and long-term nature of our work, we only work with a select number of firms in any given period.

We seek to work with best-in-class investment firms with strong management teams who have a global vision for their company.