March 2022 CCA Global Capital Group’s Tyra Jeffries explains why PE firms are outsourcing investor relations

While private equity firms have largely embraced the outsourcing model, when it comes to investor relations, that function has remained firmly in-house. And for good reason – a manager’s relationships with its investors are intrinsic to its success and longevity.

But dig a little deeper and there are numerous reasons why some managers are adopting an outsourced investor relations model. We caught up with Tyra Jeffries, founder and CEO of CCA Global Capital Group.

January 2021 – CreativeCap Advisors – the global asset management consulting firm – announces it will rebrand to CCA Global Capital Group. The rebrand centers on evolving the company’s focus on offering bespoke outsourced solutions across investor relations, business development and sales for institutionally-minded and boutique investment companies.

In conjunction with the rebrand, the company is also excited to be officially joining Stonehaven, the award-winning fintech and fundraising platform, as an affiliate partner.

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