What is Full-Scale Outsourced IR?


We serve as a company’s entire investor relations department or can act as an extension to your current investor relations team focused on targeting and working with international capital providers.

Outsourced investor relations, “outsourced IR”,  is a full-scale communications solution that brings together the marketing, sales, business development, public relations and capital advisory requirements of an investment management organization. We offer an immediate solution to solidifying your company’s global competitive edge.

>>>  Investor Relations is more than just fundraising. The investor relations role has radically evolved and become better recognized as an extension of the investment team. The most successful and impactful investor relations teams have the financial acumen to effectively communicate the portfolio(s) and the firm’s strategy to a high degree of sophistication in conjunction with carrying out the more traditional duties of fundraising, reporting and relationship management. Family offices and institutional capital providers require an institutional level of expertise and experience before considering a long-term partnership with an investment manager.

>>>  Over the past several years, investor relations has considerably evolved to become a notable strategic management function utilized by leading investment companies today. We help companies identify where they fit and how they can capitalize and monetize their firm’s value and edge to current and prospective allocators.

A Different Capital Raising Model

After a certain asset level, allocators expect more from their relationships with GPs. Investors want more than just a capital introduction and a transaction-based relationship, what they seek out as a component of due diligence is a true partnership. A desire to develop deep and lasting relationships grounded in trust with their new and existing manager partners. The bandwidth of your typical third party marketer does not capture that responsibility, but we do. 

Our mandate far extends just raising capital, it is about further fortifying a fruitful relationship with your limited partners with a conjunctive focus on retention. That is accomplished through active engagement between both the LPs and the GP. An area, through our findings, that many allocators agree is severely lacking from many of their manager relationships.

We guide our clients through the full cycle of engagement and focus on helping to further grow, enhance and cultivate their firm’s most important relationships for decades to come.